Opt-out from Twitter.ActivityPub.Actor

WIP. If you want to block the service for your Twitter username.

What does it do?

When a user will type your username, it will redirect him/her to a blank page without displaying your username. You just need to follow these small steps.

Do it!

By using the opt-out function, you consent the website to store your username and a link to your tweet in its database. It is a technical need.

1. Tweet this

Tweet this text :

@1da1f2 I want to opt-out from TwitterActivityPubActor 🚷

You can use this

As almost nobody is following @1da1f2, this tweet will not be broadcasted to your followers.

2. Copy the link

Copy the link of your tweet here :

3. Keep your tweet

Do not delete your tweet, this is a proof!

Cancel your opt-out

If you want to cancel your opt-out, enter your username here :