Opt-in to Twitter.ActivityPub.Actor

WIP. Opt-in to extend features of Twitter.ActivityPub.Actor!

What does it do?

You can enable Twitter.ActivityPub.Actor to display your Twitter name, your Twitter description (bio) and your Twitter images (avatar and header) on Twitter.ActivityPub.Actor! You just need to follow these small steps.

Do it!

By using the opt-in function, you consent the website to store your username and a link to your tweet in its database.

1. Tweet this

Tweet this text :

@1da1f2 I want to opt-in to TwitterActivityPubActor (auth-v0.1)

You can use this

As almost nobody is following @1da1f2, this tweet will not be broadcasted to your followers.

2. Copy the link

Copy the link of your tweet here :

3. Keep your tweet

Do not delete your tweet, this is a proof!

Cancel your opt-in

If you want to cancel your opt-in, enter your username here :